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Our Process


We understand that remodeling can be both an exciting and stressful endeavor, and we share your concerns. We start by really listening to our clients. We’ll brainstorm with you to come up with creative solutions for your space.

We’ll help you identify and articulate your project’s needs and formulate those needs into a personalized design. We’ll come up with a realistic budget for the scope of your project, whether you’re maintaining the original style of your home, or stepping it up a notch. We’ll notify you of any issues that might impact the budget and troubleshoot on how to keep costs down.



Developing a trusting and open relationship with each of our clients is a top priority for us, and the key to a smooth working relationship is good communication. We’ll let you know what to expect, in the long run and from day to day.

We’ll coordinate our schedule with yours to keep disruption of your daily life at a minimum. We’ll come up with a practical timeline for your remodel and set weekly goals that let you see progress, and an end point.

At the same time, we’ll make room for your choices. This is your remodel, and we want you to feel good about it from start to finish.


JJ_Remodelers_Safety_Remodeling_WI_MNSAFETY FIRST

We have long–term relationships with sub–contractors and only select those who are dependable and professional. Keeping your home clean and safe during construction are always top priorities. We’ll perform daily cleanup of the worksite and barricade off any unsafe areas.




JJ_Remodelers_InteriorDesign_Remodeling_WI_MNINTERIOR DESIGN & SELECTIONS

We’ll collaborate with your interior designer and lend a helping hand where it makes sense. If you don’t have a designer, our resident interior designer can assist you with those important interior design decisions.

When it comes time to select materials and appliances, we’ll supply you with all of the professional resources you’ll need to make well–educated decisions. We’ll even schedule appointments for you with salespeople specially trained in the products.

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